Superfluous Matter

Kim's fever is persisting so she is still in the hospital. Tylenol keeps it from being too bothersome, but it doesn't seem to want to go away. They've done many more blood tests looking for infection and have yet to find anything. Kim has only seen the on-call doctor thus far as her normal doctor is away for the long weekend, so I suspect we'll learn more tomorrow when her normal doctor returns.

Additionally Kim's hemoglobin was super low today so she had to get three units of blood. Pretty crazy but hopefully it should improve her energy levels. I spent the day with her at the hospital watching Doctor Who and Torchwood and had a yummy takeout supper from Amaya in the shiny new Eaton's Centre food court.

Anyone looking for an easy way to help out can go donate blood. It's amazing how much can be used during the treatment of cancer. Kim's been lucky so far and hasn't needed much, but some of the people she's met undergoing similar treatments need blood multiple times a week! Personally I always pictured trauma victims and surgery patients using donated blood but never thought of cancer patients. Apparently cancer patients are the biggest user of blood products.

Tomorrow I'll probably drag my big work laptop to the hospital and work from her room so that I can be there when the doctor comes to visit. Kim's sister is also around this week to sit with Kim while I sleep or whatever.

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