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At Peace

Last night, September 21st around 7:15pm, my wife and best friend gently passed away while I sat by her side. Words cannot express how much I loved her; Kim was beautiful, selfless, and brave. She made me laugh and any time I spent with her was time I cherished. People talk about a hole in your heart when a loved one dies. For me the hole seems to be located just in front of my body, where she would fit so perfectly when we hugged. It's just so empty now.

Services will be held at Haskett's Funeral Home in Lucan, Ontario. Visitation Friday, funeral Saturday. Please contact the funeral home for more details.

In lieu of flowers, Kim requested that donations be made to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Oncology Department at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. As an alternative, she requested that you can also take the time to give blood.

The obituary has been posted.

My wife and best friend, Kim
My wife and best friend, Kim
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