Superfluous Matter

Kim has not been doing so well in the last few days. She's having trouble with lots of different things and the doctor does not expect she'll be able to leave the hospital again or that there is very much time left. We are out of treatment options and untreated the cancer is moving very quickly.

Kim has asked me to communicate her love to everyone, but requests at this time that no one come to visit or try to call her. She is not up to seeing visitors beyond myself and her immediate family. Please understand, she has enough to deal with at the moment without having to try to hold polite conversations with any arbitrary person. Kim is also not really replying to email/Facebook at the moment.

If you would like to pass a message or something on to her, contact myself and I will try to take care of it. Some of her former coworkers made an album of silly pictures of themselves for her and she was definitely amused.

Kim is getting excellent care here in the hospital. Many of the nurses have become like friends and they are upset too.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out in little ways over the past couple weeks and those who may yet help out in the future.

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