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This weekend was fairly tiring, but still cool.

On Friday I went to Pacific Mall and bought a DVD of questionable legality, but it was a DVD that I can't buy in any other way so I don't exactly feel bad about it. The movie is called Hero and it is a Chinese movie starring Jet Li that is going to be released in theatres in North America in the near future. I saw a preview for it when I saw Kill Bill 2 and it looked good. After watching it I would say that is was very good. The movie paid a lot of attention to visual presentation and was very pretty and artsy. I'm glad I bought it, especially because it was only $8 (no tax, yay Pacific Mall).

On Saturday I went with Adrienne to various parts of the Street Festivals that happened here this weekend, but we didn't see anything too exciting. The best was the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, which was at Nathan Phillip's Square and was a show with something like 500 artists displaying their work. Lots of good stuff. The only other stuff really worth mentioning was the food. We had lunch at a random vegetarian Chinese restaurant that gave massive servings. We split a $6 meal and we weren't able to finish half of it between the both of us. And for supper we ate pasta in the Italian section of Toronto that was pretty good and not very expensive.

Today was much better as far as the festival goes. We went and saw a break dancing competition that was really good. The music (courtesy of DJ Serious) was amazing as well.

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