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I saw two movies this weekend: I, Robot and She Hate Me.

I had hoped that I could read the Issac Asimov work that I, Robot was based on before seeing the movie, but that didn't turn out and I've been told that the movie is only "inspired" by the book and so it probably doesn't matter. The movie was pretty good; typical Will Smith stuff for the most part, but with the occasional thought provoking moment. And killer robots are cool!

She Hate Me was a bit more of a special experience. It is the new Spike Lee movie, but it isn't coming out until July 28 and that is only in New York and Los Angeles. It is scheduled for general release in Canada in about a month. So yeah, I'm all special because I got to see it early. Not that it was hard to do, they were showing a free screening of it at Harbourfront last night and all you had to do was show up in time to get a seat. The movie itself was pretty good, it dealt with lots of "issues" like corporate corruption/greed and non-traditional families. I really liked it and will probably go see it again when it comes out for real.

Other than those two things my weekend was fairly quiet. I read a couple books, watched some Futurama and slept a bunch. Yay weekends!

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