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Chocolate Review

I recently ordered a bunch of fancy chocolate from, a Canadian company that specializes in importing/attaining fancy chocolate, generally from Europe. I just broke open the bar I was most excited about and I thought I would write a little review.

It is a 75% cocoa dark chocolate bar from Bonnat Chocolatier in France. In particular it is a single source chocolate meaning the beans used all come from the same place. In this case they come from the village of Chuao in Venezuela. There is a bit of controversy about this because the Italian chocolate company Amedei is supposed to have the exclusive rights to those beans in a contract granted by the Venezuelan government. Nonetheless, this is perhaps the finest bar of chocolate I've ever tasted.

It's dark and bitter as it should be, but also smooth and luxurious without any of the bite of harsher chocolates like Lindt. Plus, the flavour is interesting, with lots of subtlety and variation that is lacking from normal dark chocolate. I'm not going to start comparing it to random berries or trees or nuts or things, but I certainly understand how a more pretentious person could. I assume this flavour is the hallmark of the Chuao cocoa bean.

The other neat thing about the chocolate is the ingredients list: cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar. Nothing else, just the pure ingredients. No stupid chemicals like lecithin to mess things up.

I will definitely be getting this one again.

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