Superfluous Matter
Three Unrelated Things

I walk by the convention centre every day on my way to work so I have a pretty good idea of which conventions are in town on any given day. It's always amusing to see all the people heading into the centre from their hotels all with matching convention badges. Anyway for the last two days the LCBO has been holding a conference called "Live the Brand" or something similarly silly. The interesting thing about this was not the conference but the people. Apparently most LCBO employees who would attend such a conference (store managers maybe??) smoke a lot. I walked by several times and there were always hordes of people with matching LCBO name tags smoking just outside the doors. And I mean smoking a lot. I didn't know it was possible to produce clouds of smoke outdoors, but walking through them felt like walking into a dank smoke filled bar.

Last night at climbing I finally signed up to take the lead climbing course. Lead climbing is where you use your own rope and clip in to anchors as you climb. It's an essential skill for outdoor climbing and it also will allow me to try out some new walls at my gym that are lead climb only. I'm pretty excited but the course at my gym is fairly disorganized. They take your money and your name and then they call you "at some point" to tell you when the course will be. It's not a big deal because I trust them, but it would be nice to have a bit more definition.

I had my second dental cleaning yesterday in as many weeks, apparently the first one wasn't good enough. It's OK though because my insurance company didn't seem to mind paying again. I have to go back again next week for two small fillings and then I'm done for a little while. Unless the dentist insists on taking my wisdom teeth out. I plan to resist a little because they don't bother me at all.

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