Superfluous Matter

Just a quick update. Kim is still in the hospital. They've determined that the cause of the fever is not an infection but instead a symptom of the continued growth and progression of the cancer. The DHAP and Methotrexate only slowed the growth temporarily. As with all the other treatments we've tried the cancer has adapted and is no longer responding to the drugs. The doctor suspects that the cancer has moved into Kim's bone marrow but we won't be doing any tests for that since it doesn't make a difference to treatment either way.

At this point we are switching to a palliative approach. The idea is no longer to target the cancer but instead to just try to treat the symptoms as they come up. For now that means trying to get the fevers under control. We're not sure when Kim can home yet.

The last couple weeks have been really hard. I find myself rarely knowing what to do.

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