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No updates i a while, I must be lazy or something. Last Thursday was cool, my fellow co-op students and I went to Morty's to get wings, mmmm....wings. I tried some dry cajun and they turned out to be quite acceptable. It is cool to put some of the dry cajun spices on a normal hot wing, it makes it quite a bit hotter, but very tasty.

The weekend wasn't anything special, and it is also halfway through the following week, so I am having trouble remembering it. It seems like I measure my life in weeks and weekends though. Seems like an appropriate length of time, not too long or too short.

The term is almost done...time to start thinking like a school type person again.

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Weekend was fun, and long. But not as long for me as it was for some people...grrrrrr. I went to my Oma's house on Friday for food and we had Lake Erie perch which is very very good. I also got chocolate. On Saturday I went to my Aunt Joan's house for more food (ham), and again, more chocolate. Saturday night we went bowling since it is Chris's birthday (22) around now and that was also cool. I didn't do as badly as normal and got over 100 points in 2 of 3 games. We also went to William's afterwards but we couldn't get a table all together because there were about 10 of us. Feelings of segregation embittered the participants and we all went home. Actually there was no bitterness, but that was a cool sentence. Also on Saturday I helped Matt start to build his new computer. Now I want a new computer. On Sunday I went with Kim to her Aunt's house and had more ham and also cherry cheese cake...mmmm. And chocolate. My mom gave me chocolate too of course.

Concept of the weekend: chocolate; Personal wonderment of the weekend: why were there so many poorly labeled wires in Matt's new case?

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Wow, that last post is really boring to read. Must be because I wrote it early in the morning. It does not accurately convey the enjoyment of the weekend so I would just like to assert that the enjoyment level was high. Too bad it was the last official book club meeting because it was the first that I had been to.

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Friday: Matt came to Waterloo to stay over since he had his DE exam on Saturday. Keizo also came down. He wants to buy a new car but is having trouble deciding which one. Out of his short-list I think he should get the Toyota Celica for no concrete reason whatsoever.

Saturday: Tried very hard to work on my work report, but failed massively for most of the day. I went with Matt when he left for his exam and got some Campus Pizza....mmmmm. I also installed original Doom in Linux which amused me somewhat. After his exam, Matt went home and I actually managed to make progress on my work report. Then about 10 people came over for a book club meeting. Very amusing, Brad had 3 flower vases full of margarita. I don't think our special roommate was impressed with noisy drunk people being loud outside his door until 2:00am.

Sunday: Didn't bother trying to accomplish anything on my work report, I figure I will get it done this week at work. Nobody looked too well in the morning, but everyone went to see Keizo's sister's piano recital anyway. Except Chris. It was really good, and made me wonder why there are no Math recitals. I'm sure there's a good reason though. Simpsons was funny because Homer drank a pitcher full of margarita. After Simpsons we went and saw "The Core," which was bad, but better than I was expecting. The ship that penetrated deep into the earth's hot juicy core was appropriately phallic. Time for sleep...I mean work.

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Mmmmm....wings from Morty's. Soooo full....Must get less next time.

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I don't like it when the power goes out. This weekend I went home and for some reason we had a big ice storm thingy which just happened to relieve my house of its power. Usurp it, if you will. Our society relies too much on electricity, it would be completely crippled if the supply were cut off.

Please hurry up with the warm weather, I'm cold.

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April Fool's day is amusing on the Internet. I wasn't caught by anything this year though.

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Tuesday is a good day for updating, so here we go.

The weekend was fun, didn't do too much but still quite enjoyable. Sunday was Liz's birthday so we (Matt and Kim and I) got a cake on Saturday night and spent some time with her and Emily and Chris. I also rented the other two DVDs of Fawlty Towers and they are quite amusing.

Yesterday I went to Morty's for the first time and got some wings. They were very good, but they were also the biggest wings I have ever seen. I had 5 medium and 5 hot and was completely stuffed afterwards. I'm going to try a suicide wing next time I go, should be interesting.

One of my fellow coop students brought me every episode of the Simpsons long as I can make room on my harddrive.

I also learned some Perl today and it is not as bad as I thought it would be. Regular expressions and pattern matching are fun! Time to update my resume.

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