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A random quotation should now appear at the top left corner of this website. I don't have too many yet, but the list should eventually get quite large. I am trying to only use quotes that make some sort of useful observation. I was wondering though: is it vain to add phrases that I think of myself? I probably will, but to be fair I guess I will also have to add quotes from people I know if I hear anything worth preserving.

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This weekend was Emily's birthday so we all went to The African Restaurant which was very good. Very spicy as well which added to the tastiness in my opinion. I will have to go back there soon, it is great. We got Sega Alicha, Zignie, Zil Zil, Tsebhi Dorho and Vegetarian Alicha. They serve it all up on one big flatbread type thing called Injera and you break off pieces and scoop up the meat and vegies. The guy who runs it is also really nice, we were a bit loud but he didn't seem to mind at all.

Today I helped Kim move all her junk back to her Aunt's house and I also rented volume one of a british comedy series called "Fawlty Towers." It stars John Cleese so it should be amusing. Kim also has a job interview tomorrow with CIBC Wood Gundy which apparently does investment stuff so I hope that goes well for her.

I'm hungry, I think I will try to find some food now.

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I officially signed up for all my classes and I think it will be all good for the summer. I have CS 240 and Economics 201 in the morning on Tuesday and Thursday, and then Statistics 231 (boooo) and CS 246 in the afternoon. Then on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have Introductory Combinatorics and Opimization from 9:30-10:20. Very unbalanced, but with two programming courses I will probably need lots of free time to sit and stare at my computer.

I am wretchedly unmotivated lately. I haven't really started my work report, I haven't worked on my website at all, and I am not learning C/C++ like I had planned on doing. I can't think of a reason why this is happening other than the fact that I use a computer all day long at work so when I get home I don't feel like doing too much. Work is annoying that way. I would rather have lots of assignments and other school stuff (not coop, though, *shudder*) than have to be in one place for 8 hours every day. There isn't a lot of time at night after you make/eat supper and before you go to bed. I think that this is an issue that I will need to work out or else my post-university life will turn into a mindless mash of nothingness. Maybe if my job was more inspiring. Or perhaps I should watch "Requiem for A Dream" again, that is a good movie for putting life into some sort of perspective. Or breaking it, breaking it into tiny itty bitty pieces.

Now that I have Linux working well it is kinda boring. I mean it is a good operating system and I am happy but there is nothing left to do on it. It just works and I since I am not really doing anything on my computer currently (other than downloading of course), it isn't that interesting.

"War" has started in Iraq, although to me the word "war" should only be applied to conflicts where the outcome is uncertain. There is no question that the US will trample Iraq and claim victory even if Saddam escapes like Osama bin Laden. Now if a bunch of other countries in the region joined with Iraq and started fighting against the US it would be war. This is just an invasion. And a silly one at that.

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Illness sucks.

Last night I went out to Williams with Kim, Liz, Chris, Emily and Matt, which was fun, but for the whole day I basically slept because I felt like crap. Friday wasn't much fun either. I think I am better now though, lets hear it for drugs!

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Linux is now working as it is supposed to. I can watch DVDs, DivX and Xvid movies withough any special effort. Also I have anti-aliased fonts which look much nicer than the ordinary fonts. The only thing that I cannot do in Linux is compress DVDs to DivX, but I think I may look into that soon. I also can't play games, but I didn't do much of that when I was in Windows. Now if only my monitor supported high resolution and a high refresh rate.

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Yay! Our heat is fixed! Now my fingers arn't falling off due to cold+typing.

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Haven't done an update in a while so this will be long. And reverse-chronological for fun!

It is rather cold in our apartment today, I am now convinced that the heating is broken in some way. I know for sure that my ears are much colder than they should be inside a house. I hope it is fixed soon.

The weekend was fun, Matt and Adrienne came to visit. On Sunday we went to Krispy Kreme donuts and got a dozen death objects which are now mostly gone. Michael also came over on Sunday and watched me play with Debian while doing his Chemistry homework.

On Saturday, Matt and I installed Debian Linux on my computer and it seems to be working pretty good. Only complaints are that DVDs don't play right (so far) and that I can't play anything encoded in DivX 5 or XviD (for now). I really like apt-get and being able to login to my computer from anywhere that has a Secure Shell Client. On Saturday evening we went to the Mongolian Grill with some of Adrienne's friends (total of 9 people). It was very busy and they forgot to seat us until we complained. It turned out alright though because we got to eat on the comfy couches and they gave us the Feast meal (unlimited trips to the grill) for the price of the normal meal (1 trip only). Also the manager came and apologised a great deal.

On Friday Adrienne and Matt showed up and Angela came over and we went to Pizza Hut for supper. I got to drive Adrienne's car which was fun because it had more power than any other car I had ever driven before. After Pizza Hut we watched the movie "Pulp Fiction" which was excellent.

I had my second macroeconomics midterm on Thursday and it was much easier than the first. Also the lecture was very entertaining because Larry Smith finally revealed the secret of the "Matrix" which he has been talking about all term. I cannot relate the secret here though because it is apparently too much for the average person to handle.

I think that is enough now, especially since my fingers are starting to get numb and they will soon be unable to typeeslas.f

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Mmmmmm...pancakes and assorted meats. Jen and I went to Brad's house (as did Rob and Chris and Sean, Brad's roommate+fiance were also there for a bit) last night for pancakes because it was pancake Tuesday, also known as Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday. Apparently "Mardi Gras" actually means Fat Tuesday (which is pretty obvious if you have ever learned some French) and so, logically, Mardi Gras just happened in New Orleans. I did not know this previously and I thought that Mardi Gras was just some random drunken, naked, bead filled party/riot.

Anyway, the pancakes were very good (there was also bacon and sausage) and after eating we watched Superman 3 which was clearly a very bad movie. Then we played a really good card game that had a name, but people kept pronouncing it differently and it sounded too hard to spell regardless. The end result is that I didn't get home in time to study much for econ before I feel asleep.

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Look! Its a new month and my website handles it right! Yay!

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Yay weekends! On Friday I got to go to the Mongolian Grill with my dad for his birthday. Mongolian Grill rules. On Saturday I went to my grandpa's with my family because it was his birthday recently. Sometimes the family visits can be boring but it wasn't too bad this time. We didn't get home until around 10pm, so I didn't start the rest of my evening until late. I went to Liz's and we had really good cake (Snickers cake I think). Then we watched the Princess Bride which is always an inconceivably good movie. Finshed up with some South Park episodes and some stimulating discussion about flexibility and religion. Got home about 4am, but I am surprisingly alert this evening. Yay stamina!

The drive back to Waterloo was pretty bad this evening, really high winds with lots of drifting as well as very slippery roads. I saw two cars actually go off the road (one right in front of me), and I saw dozens of cars in the ditch.

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