Superfluous Matter
Flash Memory is so Cheap

I was at Futureshop yesterday and was going to buy an SD card for my Wii so that I can transfer games and stuff. I wanted to get something as cheap and small as possible since there isn't really any need for a big card. Anyway, the best Futureshop could do was a 2GB card for $22. A bit much. So I went to use one of their Macs to check the Canada Computers website. Obviously they had much more of what I wanted (I ended up getting a 1GB from them for $7 later in the day). It was funny while I was looking at the website though because a Futureshop employee came up to ask if I needed help and as soon as he saw the Canada Computers website he just turned around and went away. Smart move.

Ticketmaster is Poo

Yesterday on my way to work I noticed that the free newspaper "NOW" had a special section this week on restaurants in Toronto. This naturally attracted enough of my interest to cause me to stop and grab a paper to read after work. The section is pretty good and should give a bunch of new places to try for wing night and other events.

But there was something even cooler hiding in the newspaper. Dave Matthews Band is playing in Toronto in June! And tickets went on sale this morning at 10:00am! If I hadn't have grabbed the paper I would have never known, or I would have found out much too late to still be able to get some.

Anyway, it was all very fortuitous and I was feeling pretty good until I tried to buy the tickets from Ticketmaster this morning. I logged into my account in advance and had everything ready. I refreshed the page at 10:00am and started to go through the catchpas and the privacy stealing questions. Then, on the very last screen, I received an error: 0x201007. So I tried again. And again. Then I though OK, maybe my laptop is funny, I'll try my desktop. Same error. OK, well maybe it doesn't like Linux (not that there should be a problem but some websites don't feel the same way). So I booted Windows and tried again. Nope. So then I grudgingly opened Internet Explorer and tried it. Still nothing. At this point I'm a bit angry but can't think of any other options. I was about to call Matt to get him to try but I thought I'd try one last time on my own. It worked. What?? Nothing was different. Oh yeah, and look, extra Ticketmaster fees turn a $46 ticket into a $64 ticket. Booya, as they (ie. Ticketmaster) say. Gah. Jerks.

I also checked out my Google Analytics page this morning to see all the random combinations of web browsers and operating systems (Hi Matt!) like Safari on Windows and Opera on OSX. While checking this I noticed I have some visits from Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, Australia (Hi Rob!!).

Killer Queen

Tonight Kim and I went to see "We Will Rock You" the musical by Queen and Ben Elton. It was really good! Toni and Chris and Jonny recommended it at wing night and then on Wednesday I got an email from Mirvish giving discounts on tickets to the show until the end of March. We were able to get seats in the most expensive section for just $40 a piece. Again, the show was great. Lots of good singing and dancing and stuff, maybe a bit light on plot but definitely a lot of fun.

Before the show we were going to go to dinner at The Senator on the recommendation of Toni, but the place was being painted this week so we had to find something else. We ended up at Eggspectation which was convenient because it was across the street from the theatre, but turned out to be as touristy as I had suspected. Not that it was bad or anything, just nothing special.

Zip Car

This weekend was pretty busy, but full of lots of fun stuff! On Saturday Kim and I tried out my new Zip Car membership with a trip to Costco, Ikea and No Frills to pick up some large groceries and other stuff that would have been obnoxious to get home on the subway.

The car was great, no problems getting it started or getting in and out of the garage. The cost was $10.50/hour and we rented for three hours. At first I thought this was a bit expensive because Patrick always talks about how he can get really good deals for rental cars from Hertz for a whole day. But as I thought about it I realized that although it is more expensive, the Zip Car thing isn't a bad deal. Gas and insurance is paid for (unlike normal rental cars) and since you only rent for as long as you need, you don't need to pay for parking the car anywhere. If we were to do the same thing by TTC it would cost almost $10 for a day pass, which is cheaper, but it would have taken a lot more time and we wouldn't have been able to carry all the stuff back. Anyway, I was satisfied with the service. The only problem was that we cut the time a bit close due to traffic on the way home. I got the car back with exactly one minute to spare.

On Sunday I went to Barrie with work people to go climbing at a gym there that just opened a huge new bouldering section. It was really amazing. They had between 80 and 100 bouldering problems circling this huge structure with all sorts of angles and surfaces and you could top out on all of the routes. Pretty sweet. After the climbing we went to the Bloor Cinema to see the "Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour" which was a bunch of outdoor sports movies and clips from movies. It was pretty good, although John said that it had been much better in previous years.

Wing night was awesome tonight, Patrick's parents are visiting Canada and they joined us to make a party of 13. We went to the new Terroni on Adelaide street, and it was even better than the old Terroni. I had some awesome rigatoni with fresh mozzarella, zucchini and tomatoes. And of course I had the tiramisu which is sooooo good at Terroni. Good times!


Sometimes at night I watch out the window to see if people in the apartments nearby are doing anything interesting. Until tonight I've never seen anything other than people watching TV or dark apartments. But just now I saw something both amusing and familiar. The silhouette of some guy strumming a plastic guitar. Yay for Guitar Hero!!

New People

I was climbing last night as usual and I happened to leave at the same time as one of the co-op students who was also climbing that night. At the same corner as the gym is an establishment known as "Jilly's." I've never been there but I believe it is a "gentleman's club" of some sort.

Anyway, I normally wait for a streetcar down the road a bit, but since the co-op was also taking the streetcar I waited with him at the stop in front of this "Jilly's." We were chatting and a young woman came out and joined us in the bus shelter. She asked if we would mind if she had a smoke in the shelter because it was cold out and she "had less clothes than the average bear" on under her fairly short jacket.

Well, I can't say I approve of cigarettes, but I'm generally non-confrontational so I said that would be fine. The co-op and I continued to have a pleasant conversation for a minute and then I noticed that she was in fact smoking a joint and not a cigarette. Then she asked if we'd heard about the accident just up the road. We used this opportunity to exit the shelter and see if this accident meant there would be no streetcars for a while. And at this point we also decided to wait at the next stop down the road.

Not that I have a problem with strippers or marijuana, it was just a damn weird situation and was compounded by the fact that I was with someone I only slightly knew. If I were with a close friend we could have communicated silently and been amused or whatever, and if I were with someone I didn't know at all I could have just done my own thing. But being with an acquaintance who I would have to see again in the near future, yeah, that threw me off.

On a related note, all of the big pictures on the side of Jilly's were boarded over that night, so maybe the rumours of it closing down are true. I wouldn't be surprised at all. Queen and Broadview is prime for condo developments. My climbing gym is going to be torn down in a year and a half for a condo in fact. Unfortunately the people who run the gym only rent the building so they had no control when the owner was given a dump truck full of money for the land. They do intend to move the gym to a new location however, so I hope that works out. It really is the best gym in Toronto in my opinion.

One final thing for the night. One of the random blogs I read, Dooce, just won four awards at the 2008 Bloggies, which I guess is the equivalent of the Oscars or something. It was also ranked number five in a list of the world's 50 most powerful blogs. Craziness. I like reading it because it's amusing and well written. Plus the author posts some really good photos of her dogs and the world around her. The blog is famous because the author was fired from her job back in 2002 for blogging about work. In fact, the name of the blog has been verbed, to mean getting fired for blogging (ie. being dooced). The situation turned out OK for her though, as the blog apparently makes the author enough money in advertising to provide a middle-class life for herself and her family in Utah. Hmm...maybe I should throw up a few Google ads here.

Late Night

Staying at work until 9pm when you arrived at 9am is less than awesome.

Taxes and Cars and Food

Not too much is going on right now, I feel like I'm just biding my time until winter decides to go away. I did do my taxes last night though. But they weren't that exciting because I only get like $200 back. My RRSP is deducted directly from my pay cheque so I pas less tax all year long. Which is better I guess but it's still fun to get a big lump sum in the Spring.

I also signed up for the Zipcar service here in Toronto after a coworker shared an awesome deal with me (no application fees and a lower yearly fee, contact me for details if you're interested). I still might not use it that much but at least it isn't costing much to try it. I plan on making an Ikea/Costco trip as soon as I can.

Wing night tonight almost failed spectacularly. I was organising it because Jen had to study and it tends to fail when I organise. Tonight I suggested Le Papillon, a french-ish restaurant on Church street. I went there once a year or so ago and really enjoyed the tourtière, but apparently everyone else thinks the place is horrible. Each response to the wing night email was more negative than the last. It really put me in a foul mood. Anyway, I ended up just meeting Patrick, Chris, Matt and Toni and we went for food at the Queen Mother on Queen street west. It was really good, but I still have a hankering for some tourtière. After food we went back to Chris's to play Star Munchkin and watch the snow storm (with extra thunder and lightning). And now I'm in a less bad mood.

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